May 24, 2016

Many of our amazing supporters will know cute little Bruno. He's a 9 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who lives with his mum, another staffie called Tara, and his dad in temporary housing. 


This little family are regulars to our clinic and really demonstrate how powerful the human-animal bond is. Their dad is devoted to his dogs and has been fantastic at caring for them during their problems (of which there have been a few). 


Little Bruno (brown), was diagnosed with Cushing's Syndrome in January 2016. This is a life long condition where there is too much steroid in...

May 24, 2016

Both our clinics are slowly becoming more and more busy with clients bringing along their furry companions for their preventative health care.


This month our Glasgow clinic saw a record of 10 dogs come through its doors, all looking for vaccinations, microchipping or a check up. We now have quite a few regulars that we have got to know really well and it's lovely to see them and their owners. 



Tara and Bruno, the two lovable staffies, came in to get a check up. Tara always bursts through the door with enthusiasm and insists that every person gets a big wet staffie kis...

September 2, 2015


 Today marked our 12th clinic! That's one entire year - it's flown by so fast. It also means that it's our 2014-2015 committee's last clinic before the new committee takes over in October. 


We had 5 lovely dogs visit us today. The two Tara's returned and are both looking really well. 'Brindle' Tara is such a sweet little girl and she gets more and more confident everytime we see her. Her mum bought a lovely video of Tara playing with her tennis ball at the beach, she looks so happy!


The other Tara (staffie) came back for her second vaccinations along with her son, Bru...

August 5, 2015

We had 3 dogs at our clinic this month! 


Our first was a new face - little Tara the staffie who was all smiles and love (a typical staffie!). She came in with her devoted dad for her first vaccinations, microchip and flea/worming treatment. She's a little overweight so will also be going on a diet! She will be coming to the next clinic for her booster along with her son. We look forward to seeing this bundle of energy and love again. Staffie cuddles are always the best!


Second to come was Rocco. He's a staffie/boxer/something! He's a lovely boy and was also her...

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