What do we do?


Our clinics help us ensure the health and wellbeing of the homeless hounds.

Clinics are organised in partnership with local charities in Glasgow and Liverpool. They are run once a month out of drop-in centres and all treatment is carried out by vet students, under the supervision of a qualified vet. This not only provides an amazing learning opportunity but also helps raise awareness of homeless hounds with the newest members of the profession. We encourage a friendly and informal environment at our clinics, this helps both the dogs and owners to feel more comfortable. It’s incredible seeing the bond between them, and it’s a wonderful job ensuring the health of the dogs.

At the clinics, we provide:

  • Vaccinations

  • Microchipping

  • Flea/worming treatment

  • Dog food, blankets, toys and more supplies

  • Referral for advanced veterinary care


The outreach team of Trusty Paws is in charge of spreading awareness of the organisation within the homeless and vulnerable community.

We work with vets and volunteers from various charities to introduce ourselves and make our services known to the community, via people they already know and trust. We also produce leaflets and posters to advertise our clinic at other support services throughout Liverpool, to reach as wide a group as possible. This is a great way for students and members of the public to get involved; meet people, dogs, and spread the word of our organisation!

Without the help of our partners Trusty Paws wouldn't be able to carry out the work we do.

Find more about our amazing charity partners here.