Hugs and Kisses - Staffie style!

We had 3 dogs at our clinic this month!

Our first was a new face - little Tara the staffie who was all smiles and love (a typical staffie!). She came in with her devoted dad for her first vaccinations, microchip and flea/worming treatment. She's a little overweight so will also be going on a diet! She will be coming to the next clinic for her booster along with her son. We look forward to seeing this bundle of energy and love again. Staffie cuddles are always the best!

Second to come was Rocco. He's a staffie/boxer/something! He's a lovely boy and was also here for his first vaccinations. We love his ears and his cute little white feet!

Last but certainly not least was Tara. This Tara is a regular and we see her at almost every clinic. She comes in with her lovely mum who takes such good care of her - they make a great team! Tara is a little scared of the world and looks worried a lot of the time. However, she loves coming to the clinics for her flea/worming treatment and to say hello to everyone. We try and make the environment as calm and quiet for her as possible. She slowly gained confidence and now runs into the clinic fulls of beans with a wagging tail. She also loves getting new toys to play with - especially tennis balls!

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