"Little 'n' Large"

Today marked our 12th clinic! That's one entire year - it's flown by so fast. It also means that it's our 2014-2015 committee's last clinic before the new committee takes over in October.

We had 5 lovely dogs visit us today. The two Tara's returned and are both looking really well. 'Brindle' Tara is such a sweet little girl and she gets more and more confident everytime we see her. Her mum bought a lovely video of Tara playing with her tennis ball at the beach, she looks so happy!

The other Tara (staffie) came back for her second vaccinations along with her son, Bruno! They are big bundles of fun and love - there were plenty of staffie kisses to go around. Now, both of these two are, erm, rather large so have started a strict diet! Tara is going to be speyed soon so we need her in tip top condition and her dad is determined to resist those big begging eyes!

Tara the staffie loves giving cuddles!

After the whirlwind of Tara and Bruno the happy staffies, we were visited by a gentle giant. Carter lumbered in, all 50kg of him, and promptly made himself at home and enjoyed all the attention. He is by far the biggest dog we've had at the clinic. His dad got him when he was around one year old and he was in a terrible way - skin and bones. So his dad has dedicated himself to Carter's recovery and he looks fantastic now! We started Carter's vaccinations today as well as giving him a microchip and flea/worming treatment. He was the perfect patient, and regarded us all with innocent confusion and eager hope for another biscuit! (Actually he was so big we don't think he even felt the needles). He's also going to get neutered.

So we've had our biggest dog, and in next came the smallest! Little Kiara the 3 month old staffie puppy bounced in full of beans. She quickly set about giving giant Carter lots of kisses and he was so polite and gentle with her, it was lovely to see these two bond. Kiara started her puppy vaccines with us and also got a lovely coat (which is a bit big but she'll soon grow into it!). She also got microchipped and flea/worming treatment. She was so brave she deserved a medal - not a squeal out of her. She was certainly a curious little girl and many times we had to catch her to remove something from her mouth that shouldn't be there - she got into everything!

So it was a very busy clinic with lots of new faces!

A massive thank you to the 2014-2015 committee who have been fantastic and so dedicated. This couldn't have happened without them. Good luck with the rest of vet school - we're nearly there!

With two operations coming up, any donations would be greatly appreciated to help cover vet bills.

#staffie #puppy #vaccinations #september

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