'Staffie Galore'

We had 5 dogs visit our 13th clinic!

Cute Casper, the shih tzu, was the only newbie. We had met him and his dad begging on the street a few months previously and we were thrilled to see him at the clinic. Casper is a real character, very talkative and full of beans. He was very good for his vaccinations, microchip and wormer. He has a few skin problems which need attention but apart from that he's a happy, healthy boy!

The handsome Carter came back for a second visit. He is now fully vaccinated! His is a lovely boy, and becoming more and more confident. He is getting neutered next week! He is very good at the clinic, especially if there are treats involved!

Next came our staffie duo! Tara and Bruno (mother and son) with their devoted dad. Tara has started a weight loss program and has already lost 1kg! She is a typical staffie, full of love and kisses. Her son, Bruno, was sadly not looking very well. We took him to the vets the following morning and had some tests done. We will keep you up to date on his progress!

Then we had the lovely Stella, a staffie that comes to us regularly. Stella has had some anal problems in the past and so the clinics aren't her favourite place because we've been poking about in rude places. She was very nervous, but luckily her problems have resolved so she didn't need anything doing. So we concentrated on making the clinic a really nice place for her, with lots of treats and hugs.

It was a great clinic this month, full of lovely dogs and owners. We were handing out new harnesses and coats that were kindly donated by the public. So THANK YOU to everyone who sent us things from our Amazon wishlist, they really do help!

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