Bruno's Blog - Battling Cushing's

Many of our amazing supporters will know cute little Bruno. He's a 9 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who lives with his mum, another staffie called Tara, and his dad in temporary housing.

This little family are regulars to our clinic and really demonstrate how powerful the human-animal bond is. Their dad is devoted to his dogs and has been fantastic at caring for them during their problems (of which there have been a few).

Little Bruno (brown), was diagnosed with Cushing's Syndrome in January 2016. This is a life long condition where there is too much steroid in Bruno's body, causing symptoms like excessive drinking, urination, hair loss, lethargy and muscle wastage.

Bruno now needs life long and expensive medication. Thankfully we have an amazing vets practice, Pets n Vets, here in Glasgow that does our extra vet care for our dogs. They have taken great care of Bruno and are making sure his condition is monitored and his medication doses are correct. Also, the company who make Bruno's medication, Dechra, are sponsoring his treatment for life which is absolutely fantastic. This has taken the pressure off Trusty Paws to raise money for his treatment and means that Bruno will be able to have his medications for the rest of his life. We cannot thank Dechra enough!

As you can see from the photo below, Bruno is feeling much better. We are still working on getting the correct medication dosage for him so that his symptoms are lessened or gone completely.

We will keep you updated with more Bruno Blogs so keep a look out!

All of Bruno's investigations have been very expensive (around £800) which has taken a big chunk out of our 'Vet Kitty'. Therefore, any donations are greatly appreciated and you can find out how to donate by clicking the 'Help Us' tag above.

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