May Clinics - Our busiest yet!

Both our clinics are slowly becoming more and more busy with clients bringing along their furry companions for their preventative health care.

This month our Glasgow clinic saw a record of 10 dogs come through its doors, all looking for vaccinations, microchipping or a check up. We now have quite a few regulars that we have got to know really well and it's lovely to see them and their owners.

Tara and Bruno, the two lovable staffies, came in to get a check up. Tara always bursts through the door with enthusiasm and insists that every person gets a big wet staffie kiss on the nose - resistance in futile! She still on her weight loss program and is nearly at her target weight of 18kg. She is always happy and bouncy and keeps her dad's spirits up whenever he gets down - she certainly lights up the room whenever she visits the clinic. Little Bruno, who has Cushing's Syndrome, is still struggling with his illness - you can read more in his own blog here.

Dexter the lab came back for his second booster of his primary vaccination course. He's now fully protected and doing well on the weight loss program that his mum has put him on. He's a very happy chap - typical labrador looking for food anywhere he could get it (luckily we had low fat treats on hand).

Tara and Craig came for a check up for the first time in a while. Since Tara's mum adopted Craig she has become a different dog. Tara used to be nervous, skinny and paranoid but now she has Craig to give her confidence she has gained weight, has a shiny coat and is very happy. Their mum is also doing really well and has now moved into permanent housing! It is so lovely when our clients get off the street and into housing and are able to keep their dogs. We are so happy for this amazing little family!!

One of the new comers was the collie cross, Shadow, who is absolutely gorgeous! His mum has been very serious about his training and his plethora of tricks amazed us. He has started his vaccinations and thoroughly enjoyed all his treats.

Those are the highlights from the Glasgow May clinic and we hope to see most of these dogs back in June! It's lovely having a busy clinic with lots of wonderful people and dogs to meet.

Our London Clinic saw two adorable staffies come in for their vaccinations. Lexy and Mr Big were a delight and enjoyed all the fuss (and treats).

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