Glasgow January Clinic

Happy New Year to all our clients and supporters! Our January clinic was the first time that the new 2019-20 committee took over, so it was only committee members and our supervising vet whilst we got adjusted, although we do hope to have student volunteers at our next clinic. Due to a last-minute change, we found ourselves without a volunteer vet the night before, however, fortunately, we received multiple kind offers in response to our Facebook post asking for volunteers. We would like to say a huge thank you to Alistair Winkler for volunteering very last minute so our clinic could go ahead!

We were thrilled to see some familiar (and very cute) faces at our clinic. This included Bro, who came in for a check-up and left with a clean bill of health and a cosy new coat! We also saw Toni, who is a regular at our clinics. Toni, was in for a general examination and to get booked in for a spay at one of the local veterinary clinics. As always, she also picked out her own toy before leaving. We welcomed Jinty back, who had previously been given ear drops for an ear infection and some supplements for a sore stomach. We’re pleased to say both seemed to have done the trick, with Jinty feeling much better and no sign of any infection!

To continue being able to give essential medicines and supplies, we rely solely on fundraising and generous donations from the public. Currently, we have a Bake Sale planned outside the University of Glasgow Library on 30th January 2020, so if you are in the area and fancy a sweet treat please stop by and help us continue to provide much needed support to the homeless hounds of Glasgow!

As always, you can donate via our PayPal or Bank Transfer, we also hope to have an Amazon Wishlist set up soon, so keep an eye out!

Bro looking handsome in his new winter coat.

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