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 Our Mission 

 In addition to supporting pet owners experiencing homelessness

with access to veterinary care,

We also actively promote the human-animal bond and raise awareness

of the importance of supporting people and their pets together

There is nothing good about being homeless.

We understand that facing homelessness can be a complex issue and the circumstances are different for each individual. The loss of a stable home will have a far-reaching impact on a person's physical and mental health, safety, hopefulness, and connection to the world around them. 

People at risk of or experiencing homelessness are isolated and on the fringes of society. However, it is estimated that between 10-25% of those experiencing homelessness share an unbreakable bond with a pet, most often dogs, and will hold tight to their animals, even turning down sheltered accommodation if their animal is not welcomed. (HARSAG 2018)


Any animal lover will know of the all the benefits that comes from having a pet in your life. There is even scientific evidence that shows animals are good for us. From mental illness and post-traumatic stress disorder, to heart health and autism, the human-animal bond has a powerful, measurable impact on people's lives. And for those people with nothing else - their pet be the unwavering connection that offers companionship, comfort, personal safety, unconditional love, & sense of purpose in a lonely, uncertain and even hostile world.

We’re committed to protecting the human-animal bond and caring for the lives on both ends of the leash.

By providing pet food, access to free veterinary care, and welfare support at our monthly drop-in clinics, we aim to help people who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness by making sure their beloved companions are healthy and safe...

Because with one less thing to worry about and the support of our fantastic partners, together we can give people hope and help get back on their feet. 


The Trusty Paws Clinic is a registered practice with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.  

Services users must meet eligibility requirements and agree to a contract of care 

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we provide


Heath Checks

Monthly routine wellness checks, on call sick pet visits to treat any concerns, and vaccination clinics



Operations and hospitalizations as required including: Neutering, dentals, lump removals 


Daily Essentials

Ensuring no pet goes without the basic everyday needs: pet food, leads, collars, warm coats, toys, bedding


Preventative Care

Providing veterinary medicines to keep pets disease free to meet the requirements to access sheltered accommodation


Owner Support

Informing owners on basic pet care, and helping them to make positive decisions in the best interest of their pets health 


Protect the Bond

Safeguarding the profound Human-Animal Bond between our vulnerable clients and their beloved pets

We see such amazing people & dogs; the whole reason we are doing this is we because believe the human-animal bond is critically important and worth preserving, especially for people in difficult situations.

These dogs provide constant companionship and they don’t judge.

-Dr Ruby Shorrock

on why she founded The Trusty Paws Clinic

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